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 Bordello of Blood

Bordello of Blood (1996)

Directed by
Gilbert Adler 

Writing credits
Bob Gale  (story)
Robert Zemeckis

Plot: The second "Tales From the Crypt" movie features a funeral home acting as a front for a vampire whorehouse. More comedy than horror, this movie revolves around Dennis Miller, and will be most appreciated by his fans. As the vampire Madame, Angie Everhart is the sexiest vampire the screen's ever seen.

Jon Kassir .... The Crypt Keeper (voice)
Dennis Miller .... Rafe Guttman
Erika Eleniak .... Katherine Verdoux
Angie Everhart .... Lillith
Chris Sarandon .... Reverend Current
Corey Feldman .... Caleb Verdoux

Rating: R for horror violence and gore, sexuality, nudity and strong language.

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