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Hollywood Knights


Hollywood Knights (1979)

Directed by
Floyd Mutrux 

Writing credits
Floyd Mutrux,  Richard Lederer and William Tennant


Plot Outline: It's Halloween Night, 1965 and for one last night the car club, The Hollywood Knights get together at their hangout that's about to be destroyed. But the Knights have one last night to have fun and tweak the powers that be. A hilarious music filled and thoroughly under-rated film starring a pre-Arli$$ Robert Wuhl and a pre-Nanny Fran Drescher in an unforgettable role. A side story featuring Michelle Pfeiffer and Tony Danza is the movie weak link  and a good time for a bathroom break.

Robert Wuhl
Fran Drescher
Michelle Pfeiffer
Tony Danza

Rating: PG

Blockbuster_check_anim._120x600 - 10.6.04

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