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Murder By Decree

Murder by Decree (1979)

Jack the Ripper is making the Whitechapel District of London his blood-soaked killing grounds by viciously cutting up prostitutes and taunting the police. No one can unmask this heinous villain...except for Sherlock Holmes. The greatest detective of the Victorian age matches wits with the first modern serial killer in this ingenious effort from Bob Clark, the man who went on to direct "Porky's" and "A Christmas Story".


Directed By: Bob Clark

Written By:    
John Hopkins    
Elwyn Jones   co-author (book The Ripper File)
John Lloyd   co-author (book The Ripper File)
Cast (in credits order)
Christopher Plummer .... Sherlock Holmes
James Mason .... Dr. John H. Watson
David Hemmings .... Inspector Foxborough
Susan Clark .... Mary Kelly
Anthony Quayle .... Sir Charles Warren
John Gielgud .... Lord Salisbury
Frank Finlay .... Inspector Lestrade
Donald Sutherland .... Robert Lees
Genevieve Bujold .... Annie Crook